Hostspot Analytics & Location

Better understand your customers and optimize your spaces

Decisions that impact your KPIs

Hostspot provides a complete analysis of your business that will help your everyday decision making process in order to have a positive impact on your KPIs.

Measure the impact of marketing campaigns and the behavior of your customers in-store. Invest in campaigns that create foot traffic and lead to loyal customers.

  • Improves the loyalty of your customers.
  • Increases the number of customers that come to your store.
  • Organize the schedules of your employees in a more intelligent way.
  • Increase the conversion of your sales.
  • Monitor the performance of your merchandising.
  • Make your customers happier by improving their shopping experience.

Get invaluable data for your business

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70% of purchase decisions are taken at the point of sale.
Analyze the activity of your customers inside and outside of the store to maximize every square meter.


Categorize your audience

Our technology is able to separate the staff, neighbors and customers to provide greater accuracy in the results displayed.

Increase productivity in the store

Make the shopping experience unforgettable by having your employees at the right time and place.

Deploy your staff more efficiently, optimizing labor costs, identifying in-store traffic cycles and customer concurrency per sections, improving conversion and maintaining the quality of service.

Smart spaces

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70% of shopping decisions are made at the point of sale.
Analyze the activity of your customers inside and outside of the store, to maximize every square meter of your point of sale.

Improves the performance of your shopwindows

Measure the attractiveness of each shop window, so you can learn how to attract more customers.

Store design

Discover what are the areas that better engage your customers and for how long.

Try your new store designs to assure you will obtain the expected results before implementing them in other stores.


Increase the ROI of your visual merchandising

The square meters are becoming a luxury, that’s why it is important to get the most value out of your store space.

Hostspot translates buyers’ routes into actionable data for understanding and improving the efficiency of merchandising.

Increases your business profitability placing products with better margins in areas where customers spend more time.


Invaluable data for your business

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Shopper Marketing

Know the needs, behaviors and buying habits, that when crossed with the consumption habits and consumption occasions will enable you to identify opportunities and design successful initiatives to increase sales.

Comprehensible data visualisations

Hostspot features displays easy to understand to help maximize and identify the sticking points in and out of the store and allow you to increase profitability and improve the shopping experience.

Improve the quality service

Improve service quality by monitoring your employees behaviour and identifying the points in which they interact with your customers.

With Hostspot Location services you can monitor the length of the cashier line and the time your customers are spending there in order to comprehend the trends and improve the waiting experience.

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