5 buyer trends in 2018

5 buyer trends in 2018

These are the 5 trends of 2018 that you should know to improve your sales this year:

1- Artificial intelligence: The director of Fung Global Retail & Technology said that the chatbots, facial recognition, identification of images and robots, are some of the opportunities this year for retailers. Confirm the importance of the data to personalize and focus the experiences that are pleasing to the users. The data generated online and offline is one of the factors of change this year.

2- Digital integration: Walter Loeb, president of Loeb Associates. Including that 2017 was the year of discovery, 2018 will be the year of integration. New operating systems will be created in retailers, who will be more focused on creating experiences and new ideas.

3- More experiences: "We will continually see new proposals in online retail marketing that welcome their customers to a more deep and personalized experience", Kathleen Kusek, Marketing Group LLC

4- The corner store: People will return to small, local stores. How to place large industries on a small scale? Retailers like Oxxo or 7 eleven are a clear example.

5- The user decides: Previously, the retailer decided that the retailer should consume, currently the client dictates the pattern of what he wants to consume and what he wants to buy.

In short, 2018 will be marked by personalization and technology, two elements of which we have spoken at Hostspot for 3 years. What actions are you taking in your business to improve your sales and improve your strategy? Tell us, we want to publish you.

* Some of the previous testimonies were originally taken from Forbes in English, check here for the full link.

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