5 ideas on how to use your captive portal on Christmas

5 ideas on how to use your captive portal on Christmas

December is a perfect month to continue seducing clients. If you've already got a captive portals system installed in your Wi-fi, this is the best time of the year to profit from it.

December is the top month for sales throughout the year, right before Christmas industries such as technology and leisure have a notable increase in costumers, the restaurant industry is also benefited during holiday season, but how to seize this time and offer better rewards to your costumers? Here are some thoughts:

  1. Gifts for everyone: When you allow your client to connect to your Wi-Fi, you ask for their information in return, but what else can you give them to feel rewarded for their loyalty? Create a portal wishing a Merry Christmas with a surprise gift. The gift can change depending on whether it is your first, second or third visit.
  2. New year's eve dinner: If your industry is related to restaurants, we recommend that you create a campaign that invites your customers to have their party at your spot, if they've seen it at your Wi-Fi portal they could have a special discount.
  3. Christmas Outfit: Trough your portal, you can suggest to your customers  decorations from your store that might be suitable for their New year's or Christmas dinners. You can improve your suggestions according to their number of visits.
  4. Visit all my stores: Let's suppose you have five stores throughout the city, let your costumers know that in every store they  can get a different gift when opening your business' wi-fi portal, if they visit all the stores give them a special gift.
  5. New Year's Resolutions: Stores always ask their customers for their name and e-mail address, but how about sharing five new year's resolutions, how can you help them to accomplish them? Remind them trough the year what they expected at the beginning of 2018.

Build the loyalty of your customers through different channels, do not expect them to share with you things if you never ask them. You are not a brand, you are part of their day to day, you don't sell items in your stock you sell experiences. Tell us if you applied any of these strategies, we want to share it in our blog.

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