A new way of shopping thanks to Pokemon Go

A new way of shopping thanks to Pokemon Go

I also fell into the phenomenon. When I finally managed to download the app, I was expecting to find a new way of having fun. Instead of that I found a new way of going shopping.

I discovered new stores: While I was walking trying to find a Bulbasaur I ended up right in front of a sports shop. I went in hoping to use the Wi-Fi network of the store to keep finding Pokemon in there and everything turned out so much better than what I expected. I captured two more Pokemon at the store after buying a cap to walk comfortably in that sunny day.

I came back to stores I did not visited in a while: I suddenly noticed that I was in an unfamiliar neighborhood, but I kept walking looking for more Pokemon, when I caught Charmander in a street cross, I received an alert saying that I was connected to a Wi-Fi network. I looked at the alert and I discovered that it was the network of a coffee shop I visited a long time ago. After that I received a message from the coffee shop saying that they missed me because I had not visit them in a while, and asked me the reason. I chose one of the options that they gave me to answer the question and then I came in the coffee shop to drink something refreshing.

 I bought again in my usual stores: I continued my trip hoping to find some reference to get home, because I did not want to stop my game to use the GPS. After a lot of walking, and almost as divine work, Squirtle appeared in front of me. I looked up and there it was: the store where I usually buy my work supplies. I went almost by inertia and when I walked in I received a message advertising a new product at the store. I rushed to look at the new product, and I decided to give it a shot.

Once I located my route, I went back home satisfied, not just because of all the Pokemon I got, but also because my trip turned really productive and for the new way that the stores found to approach me and make my day easier.

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