Being Personal (Visual Merchandising)

Being Personal (Visual Merchandising)

A personalized experience is a decisive factor when deciding to make a purchase,  The  future of visual merchandising is about thinking around the experience of your customer, what are they doing inside the retail?

Which are the points that you have to look to convert?


  1. Your visual merchandising strategy has to be measured. Find the people that react positively to your strategy. Who are they ? How old are they ? Which are their preferences?
  2. Invite your clients to  join the experience. Now that you know who your target audience is, you can suggest retail sites that are more interesting for your customers. Use your retail app for a push notification in their mobiles.
  3. Transform your visual merchandising strategy. Define new profiles and transform your retail. Use the information you obtain to   design promotions and new strategies.


Tell us more about the kind of experience that you have  been using to  make your visual merchandising strategy more efficient. We also want to share your stories.