Brands are like people

Brands are like people

Have you ever heard the phrase “brands are like people? It doesn’t really matter if you have or haven’t because what we are trying to get at is the real meaning of this phrase. Well, it basically refers to the fact that the closer the relationship retailers have with their clients, the better communication and information will be.

Retails, just like people, have a very specific personality with which they are born and that makes itself present in adverts, products and social media. But it is time to become even more present while clients are shopping. Let’s put it this way; you are the host and as such you would like your guests to have an unforgettable experience. But how can you achieve this goal? Well, you could just guess what your guests want but that will make you waste time and resources if you don’t succeed at your first try; so what would proceed is to ask your guests directly. In that way you can know exactly what your guest’s needs are so the next time they visit you they will have a better experience and, if you do it right, they’ll want to come back.

A retailer has to be in touch with the needs and emotions of their clients as they are expecting certain things from them such as:

  • Discovering something new each time they visit
  • Rewards for their loyalty
  • The ability to communicate their experiences with the personnel
  • Recommendations that make their shopping experience easier

This is a lot of information for retailers and it  is not only useful but it will also create a value-added experience and thankfully analytics make this process easier by becoming your memory and assessor.