Buying a gift for my mother in law: an impossible mission

Buying a gift for my mother in law: an impossible mission

Mother’s day was just around the corner, and my boyfriend didn’t do anything else than talk about the options he had for my mothers present. I mean: he had options! and I was so far of having a minimal clue of what to give to her mother. So, I decided to take advantage of the sales the weekend before the big day and took a deep breath.

I walked outside several stores trying to imagine my “adorable” mother in law's face, when she opened every one of the objects that were in front of me, before I even got into the first store.

When I finally crossed the first door, I noticed that there were some advertising about the “selected merchandise discounts” but I could never identify which was that mysterious merchandise.

I entered into a different store, and went to the back of the place that was full of people, I thought that might be the sales section, and it was. I found two sweaters that I imagined she could like, but I didn´t get any help of the employees, so I chose to ask for help from two ladies next to me. I described to them the complexion of my mother in law, so they could help me choose the right size. Of course, they told me absolutely different things.

After getting in and out from several stores I thought that it would be a good idea to buy her shoes, it was definitely easier than buying clothes, but I couldn’t find any clerk that could told me which size is 32 European.

I really didn’t want to fall into the cliche of giving her chocolates, but I was seriously considering the option of buying a gift card.

Very tired and desperate, I got into a store that seemed more calmed and bought a bag that was placed right in the middle of the shelf, just under a light that made the zippers and ornaments shine. At that point of the game I didn’t knew if I really liked the bag or if it was just well located.

After such an odyssey, I promised myself not to have a mother in law ever again on mother’s day, until new notice. Or until the stores make  the experience of buying a gift simple and enjoyable.