December and retail, what you need to know.

December and retail, what you need to know.

December represents 30% of annual sales for retailers, what does this imply? Here we tell you more.

  1. The luxury sector and fast fashionregister more consumers in the holiday season, therefore also more vacant.

  2. December is the month of emotionssales move by biological factors: First, the money that reaches the pockets of consumers and the second, December is associated with nostalgia. If you want to encourage your sales, it is not enough just to have successful promotions or well trained your staff, it is necessary to understand what is the deepest mobile of your consumer.

  3. Business intelligence, the new trend to generate experiences. Everything can be measured, the magic of BI not only lies on the data, but it is the ability to convert that information into valuable content that helps you transform your user's shopping experience. This year, potentialize your sales and know your consumers better with offline tools that will allow you to see and get to know your clients better.

  4. El consumo online, a diferencia de hace un par de años, hoy el consumo online es un eslabón vital para potencializar tus ventas. Los retailers tienen dos opciones, crear su propio e commerce, sobre todo para los más grandes o sumarse a aplicaciones que permiten al consumidor encontrar los productos de tu tienda a través de un tercero.

    Online consumption, unlike a couple of years ago, today online consumption is vital to boost your sales. Retailers have two options, create their own e-commerce, especially for the largest, or add to applications that allow the consumer to find the products of your store through a third party.

Which one are you using?

Your clients will be saturated with proposals this month, being notorious is a job  in which you will have to combine their most important interests, your online channels and your shopping experience.

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