Disasters in the air that could be avoided using Wi-Fi

Disasters in the air that could be avoided using Wi-Fi

The controversy hasn't calmed yet, thanks to the video recorded by a passenger of a United Airlines flight that showed security staff  -literally- dragging a passenger who refused to leave the plane. The reason? oversold tickets. Today is American Airlines who is under the magnifying glass of the world, thanks also to a video that shows to one of the employees of the airline manifesting aggressive behavior with the passengers.

The executives of both airlines apologized publicly for what happened and ensured that they will make sure that this situation does not happen again. But, how true is this? And above all, how feasible is it for managers to have control over such events? It is clear that the CEO of both companies heard what happened once the event had gotten out of control and there was not much to do than apologize.

We just have to look at internet for any airline name to find lots of complaints from several passengers who did not have a good experience. Those complaints that did not cause so much controversy, so they probably did not reach top managers, however, it is affecting the image of the brand.

Undoubtedly there are endless incidents that occur daily in airlines and any other business, in rare cases this information reaches the managers or in charge of those business. Usually when clients have a bad experience in a business or establishment, they choose to share their experience with friends and family, publish it on social media and finally they decide to not return to the establishment. That decision can be taken by the client, his friends or numerous people around the world (as in United Airlines, which even affected the value of its shares in the stock market)

To avoid customer service disasters like the previous ones, we recommend you to have a constant and direct communication with each of your clients, so you can find out about any problems at the right time, and be able to apply a solution protocol, how? Hostspot offers alternatives that allow you to ask your customers how your experience was during your visit or when leaving the establishment.