Electoral period: online and offline experience of political campaigns.

Electoral period: online and offline experience of political campaigns.

We are political campaign period, the candidates to diverse roles in government compete daily to present themselves as the best option for voters. But what to do in these times when we do not feel either surprised or enchanted by any of the candidates?

Political marketing basically is getting the candidate closer to the voter, generate affinity and outline the vote at the elections. That, always depending on the influence the politician can have in the public. In the universe of political marketing, not only are the politician and his community manager taken into account, but the politician's advisor, a series of lawyers, strategists, communicators, journalistic companies, to name a few.

Some of the advantages of digital political communication in a political campaign is the flexibility of the formats: it is no longer just photographs of the politician on his facebook page, but daring to use current formats to catch the eyes of an audience; another advantage is segmentation: knowing the interests of the audience, creating specific messages and taking advantage of knowing that data, and thereby avoiding rejection; and the last one: the impact, which basically comes down to the fact that currently most people have a device mobile phone or a computer, allowing them to be in constant direct contact.

But what about the offline experience? How can politicians get to the real world and not be booed?

These proposals may help:

1.- Keep a strong argument. Relying on popularity in social networks could generate a serious problem of clarity, because in these the trending topic (for example) is only a snowball that becomes large as it rotates and rotates, but at some point it ceases to exist. Think:

• What message do I want to communicate? (Clear, concrete and precise)

• To whom? (Not everyone will tell you the same thing)

• For what purpose? (Positioning, remembrance or simply to invite the vote?)

• When do I communicate it? (At what stage is your campaign?)

• What means do I use? (Use the popular ones, the ones that consume the most. medium with little or no popularity.)

2.- Think of volunteers. Those that generate leadership in their communities and with different sectors of society, people who really believe in your campaign.

3.- Always the money. Try to maintain a large amount of economic resources, as it is important point in the campaigns. The reason? Expenses, expenses, expenses.

4.- Advertise in the media. the classic act of magic that every politician must know. Do you want people to locate you? Appear in popular media: printed, television and radio. If you do not generate affinity, at least you will achieve people to identify you, this is valuable in electoral times. There is nothing as bad as a politician who aspires to a position in the public sphere but that no one recognizes anywhere.

5.- Sponsor events. As we have mentioned before, there is no better opportunity for companies than events where they can be participants. The same with politicians. If they wish to attract the eyes of young people, support their projects. Call cultural projects, sports, scientists, research ... to mention a few. Gain the support of people from your actions. It's not about who supports more, but who really follows up on his or her promises.

6.- Appear in the streets. Although it is not recommended because if you see the same face several times a day you get fed up, you can consider to appear on sites where people agglomerate or move in larger quantities. Billboards, posters, etc…

Social networks are undoubtedly a great tool that would generate very competitive and interesting opportunities in the digital field.

When the situation progresses, you will surely run into one of the actions where the online and offline experience combine: the meetings.

So you must put among your forecasts being as effective in digital media as being on everyone's lips (in a positive way, of course).

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