Everyone likes to buy, but nobody likes to be stalked by sellers.

Everyone likes to buy, but nobody likes to be stalked by sellers.

I think everyone is familiar with the unconfortable feeling we all have experienced when we answer the phone and listen our own full name with that particular voice of a call center boy, who is having a hard time pronouncing the name written on the screen in front of him.

But, why is so upsetting to listen a random boy trying to explain the benefits of the credit card or telephone plan he's offering? I mean, as far as I know, most of us like to buy in magical months with no credit interest or have free social media among other "cute free things" any company can give.

Everything is about the strategy. It does not cause the same effect if they try to sell us something, or offer us help when we need to make any shopping decitions, than when we are "just looking" or we did not even have the slightest intention of buying anything.

Thats why, it's crucial to detect the ideal moment to have a rapprochement with your customers. Some people says that some of the best restaurant waiters receive training to detect the exact moment to offer dessert, it can not be too soon, but also not too late, so  the customers would prefer to ask for the check and leave.

That is precisely something that must be done with every single one of the customers when they get into your store. It's common that when someone insist on "helping" a client when this assistance has not been requested, the clients usually feels uncomfortable or harassed, so it's an excellent option to have a first approach strategy in a virtual way, that way the client feels it more natural. With Hostspot you can interact in a virtual way with your clients and thus offer them a better service.