Google analytics for regular stores.

Google analytics for regular stores.

We all have heard about all those methods to measure customers behavior on web pages and apps, especially in the ones that sells products or services. We can know how many people gets into the web page, how many time do they spend on it, what products are they interested in, and finally which ones did they bought. Some years ago it was imposible to imagine such measurements for regular stores, but now, is as real as asking for a taxi by an app.

We never disconnect:   Nowadays we communicate with the environment by internet, and although they have tried too boost online sales, 3 of each 4 persons prefer to buy in regular stores, and the 90% of those had declared that they check their cellphone while they are shopping. So why not take advantage of this excellent tool and offering free Wi-Fi in exchange for an Opt-In of the customer.

The tour: As we mentioned before, in a web page you can see how many views has each one of your products, or how many people marked it as favorite or wished, you can have similar information of the customer behavior in a regular store, for example, you can know which areas of the store are being more visited and how much time people stay in there, also  which ones are not being visited that much. Therefore you can know which products are causing more interest or which places of the store are not resulting interesting for the customers to use strategically the space of your store.

Numbers: You can measure even what seemed unmeasurable like how many people enter to the store, or how many people walk outside and enter (or not) to the store. You can also get more specific information from your customers through an Opt -In, to obtain important data such as age, gender , ZIP code or general interests, and then have a clearer profile of your buyers.

Keep in touch: When you browse a web page of a certain brand, there are constantly appearing pop - ups with sales of the moment or it appears  a banner with special promotions or new products. You can make appear those pop-ups on your customer's mobile phone or even on the phone of the people that walk outside your store, so they can be constantly attracting your potential buyers and generate an effective and immediate call to action.

Now that you are aware that it's possible to know absolutely everything that is going on in your store minute by minute Why would you continue making decisions blindly ?