Hostspot Solutions: Get feedback from your customers efficiently

Hostspot Solutions: Get feedback from your customers efficiently

We managed to do an exhaustive search among the Hostspot files in order to select the best retailers cases that presented some problems, which we have been able to offer a successful solution.

Now we will present the case of a restaurant brand that had several branches. Like any good leader, the owner of these restaurants was concerned about improving customer service, and to achieve that, it was crucial to get the customers feedback.

To solve the problem, they tried to implement an award campaign for the restaurant employees that obtained less negative customer criticism. The dynamic used to collect the customers opinions consisted on include a little card requesting to write their thoughts about the service and it was delivered with the bill.

The mistake in this system was that the employees of each restaurant were responsable for collecting the cards and sending them to the central office, therefore, they had the opportunity to read them and remove the cards with negative comments.

In order for the restaurant owner to have a true response from his clients, we proposed to install Hostspot in each of his branches. Now the dynamic is that customers arriving and connecting to Wi-Fi receive a small questionnaire Opt-In with which the restaurant can have the general data of customers to create loyalty campaigns, and at the end of consumption, the customer receives another short questionnaire asking his opinion about food and service.

In exchange for answering the questionnaire the customer receives in his smartphone a coupon of 5% discount valid on his next consumption. If any customer gives a bad opinion about the service or the food, the restaurant can use the data obtained in the first questionnaire to contact him, ask him what happened and give him personalized attention to these types of incidents.

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