Hostspot: Technology That Profiles Your Customers

Hostspot: Technology That Profiles Your Customers

Hostspot Analytics is improving its development efforts and beginning this quarter, Microsoft Azure and the Cortana Intelligent Suite will play key roles in Hostspot's technology process

Hostspot helps stores and other physical establishments to understand their customers, their behavior, and their interests, thus helping retailers increase sales and improve the buying experience for customers. Today's brick and mortar stores need to gain more up-close and personal understandings of their customers in order to reinvent themselves and create more personalized ways of interacting.

“Hostspot helps our customers to increase loyalty in their stores. Our technology generates customized strategies that are related to the number of visits a person does to the store; therefore, every time a new customer visits the store, it is offered different things that someone who is visiting for the third time,” said Edgar Hernández, CTO of Hostspot Analytics.

Hostspot is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, enabling Hostspot to analyze data faster and more accurately.

“We’re pleased to see Hostspot and its customers benefit from the global scale of Microsoft Azure and take advantage of the powerful analytics capabilities of the Cortana Intelligence Suit,” said Herain Oberoi, director of product management, Microsoft Corp.

Hostspot allows organizations with brick and mortar stores to focus their efforts and decisions on the right times and places. Hostspot's clients take advantage of the Internet in their stores to increase their sales through metrics that define their true audiences.

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