How to attract more clients by giving them free Wi-Fi?

How to attract more clients by giving them free Wi-Fi?

There are many ways to attract new customers, technological advances have give us new options to get closer to them,in so many ways that some years ago were unimaginable. Here's an example on how a business managed to increase their number of customers simply by offering them Wi-Fi connection.

Let's think about of the coffee shops, ice cream parlors and other snack shops that are in the hallways of malls. Certainly they are privileged zones because they are "on the road" to satisfy the craving of the buyers or, their need to take a break. This is where the store can take action to attract them. But let's beware, here we are not talking about the cafeteria, but the shops nearby.

Now let's think about those shops that are around of the coffee shop and want to get more customers, for example a shoe store that is right in front of it, chooses to offer free Wi-Fi, but not to its customers, but to customers of the coffee shop. What for?, To attract them.

A customer (let's call her Emma) enters the cafeteria take a sit and order some, we can almost ensure that in the meantime Emma will check her cell phone. Probably Emma will look for a Wi-Fi network, by seeing the password that offers the shoe store in front will connect to that network. By connecting, Karla received some questions that she had to answer to continue browsing, such as her age, gender and interests (which will allow the store to have a profile of her potential customers).

While Emma consumes her food and reviews her social networks she received notifications about offers  in the shoe store that match her profile (20-35 year old woman who is a new customer) After eating her food and pay the bill Karla decided to visit the shoe store to check the sales sent to her smartphone.

This is an excellent example of a very simple and effective way to attract new customers to your business. Learn more at Hostspot.