How to create the best database for your store.

How to create the best database for your store.

If you are in charge of a business, probably one of the questions that constantly cross your mind is how to obtain data from your customers to maintain a constant communication and create fidelity.

There can be many ways to get databases: from asking them to other businesses, buying them or obtaining them through some opt-in registration or special event. However, any of these options does not guarantee you have the data of qualified prospects.

The best way to build a database with qualified prospects is to plan it strategically; It is necessary to know the profile of customers to which your store and your products are directed. Then you have to think about specific and precise questions that will help you to know if it is a qualified prospect or not.

It is assumed that the first questions to ask will be the ones that indicate the contact information like: name, telephone and e-mail. After those ones, you can ask other questions that allow you to know more about your client and know if it matches the profile you are looking for. Some recommended questions to delineate your client's profile are the following:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Have you visited our store yet?
  • How many "shoes" do you buy per month/year? (Depends on the product you sell)
  • Is this store close to your home?
  • Have you ever visited any of our branches?
  • Do you visit our store thanks to the recommendation of a friend?

Other points to consider when you are making an opt-in questionnaire that allows you to generate a database with qualified prospects are as follows.

  1. The questions should be clear and concise, they should be able to be answered with yes or no.
  2. It is not advisable to ask too many questions because it can be tedious to answer them, the maximum recommended is 6.
  3. Before thinking about the question, think about the answer you want to get, that is, state if what you want to know is if your prospect had already visited you before or is your first visit, or if you live near your store or only Is passing by etc. That way you can formulate the question more concretely.

Here are some tips you can implement in your business to create a database with qualified prospects, the best way to make it easy and fast for you and your prospects is using Hostspot. Consult us to know more!