Improve customer service in 3 steps

Improve customer service in 3 steps

A few days ago I was talking to a friend who works in a restaurant, but we are not talking about any restaurant, but a very high profile. It's the kind of place that celebrities, politicians or millionaires are going to dine in. What makes all these personalities choose to eat in this place and not in any other? The customer service, of course.

Probably you have already heard of innumerable business examples that achieved success by using customer service as a differentiator, to the point of achieving an amazing user experience, thats why we give you here the most effective tips to get there.

They are guests, not customers: each of the guest should be treated with a personalized service according to their preferences, and we try to attend with the same hospitality with which you would host to your best friends in your own house. Offering a better wine can make the difference. In the same way you can suggest to your client other articles that complement what you are buying.

The begging is outside the door: it's important to create a good impression on the client since they are entering to the establishment and accompany  during his stay, creating at every moment the best possible user experience and taking care of every detail. To achieve this, two things are important to consider: the service protocol, which must be done in detail and executed by the book with each client, and of course, customer feedback to make sure that the protocol is working and detect the weak areas that need more work.

The dessert is the finishing touch: it means that the waiters must pay attention to the customers to detect the precise moment to offer the dessert, it can not be very soon because the customer will feel satisfied and won't eat more, but not too late either, because they will be thinking on leaving. This is how you should punctually follow the visit of each one of your customers, to have the possibility to encourage their purchase or promote the following purchases.

To achieve these three steps you can rely on platforms like Hostspot that will help you to give an excellent service with measurable results.