Instagram, the social network for the young market

Instagram, the social network for the young market

Instagram did not want to leave us without surprises before the end of the first month of year, then, according to the media, they intend to add a update more to the series of visual and communication elements that has provided.

Now, this social network, loved by many young people for its contents visuals and the ease of connecting with users from all over the world, we promises two things: the first, the possibility of making video calls from the app the second, schedule publications in the business accounts of Instagram Only, like everything, has some limitations: they could only be programmed those accounts that are linked to Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners. Or, through network management applications, as Hootsuite.

The good news is that, to those specialized in marketing and community Managers life will be less complicated. We already saw that Instagram is giving everything to us to stay there, with their generous updates, and how not to do so if we can add gifs to stories, participate in the live broadcasts of others, add text in different types of sources to the stories, among many other things! Therefore, it is time to arm yourself with value and embrace you and your clients. Either for stories, videos or photos, the key point is to let them know that they are part of of you in your day to day and that you will soon be able to communicate more personally with they.

Take advantage of these new opportunities, plan your post with time and build a whole network of communication with the whole world, do not lose opportunity. If it works for you, tell us about your experience, we will love to show others ability to take advantage of the Instagram tools in our blog.

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