Is your business really competing on Black Friday?

Is your business really competing on Black Friday?

Black Friday is around the corner, and there's no other event of its kind through out the year.  This event makes shoppers line up at their favorite stores. Who would have thought we could pay for any service from our mobile, or that we could buy products from any part of the world simply by making a click. Certainly technology allows us to know different ways.  To consume and live.

Now, the traditional ways of doing business could not be enough, compared with  huge offer of options, expectancy  of fast attention and excellent service that the new generation shoppers demand. Now we'll explore and share some key aspects that make a difference.

Everything in the palm of the hand: It may seem obvious, but the possibility of actually having everything you need, just by asking for it in your smartphone is changing the way we live. To buy from industrial equipment to a soda with the power of your thumb causes a need of immediacy and practicality in all our customers, and thats something that we can ignore.

New ways to pay: If there are new ways of getting products there are also new ways of paying for them. We are talking about credit card charge, paying with cash upon receiving the product, use benefits and promotions, such as months without interest or paying with points, we also are  talking about paying with a digital coin like bitcoins. This diversity of paying options  is complemented with getting the ticket by email or automatic billing.

Everything is integrated: Nowadays it is wrong to think that the physical and  virtual world are not related, actually we are living in bought worlds all the time, they complement our lives and our ways to communicate. Thats why its crucial that our business have this two worlds involved in it. To offer a close, fast, efficient and competitive choice. If your clients shop in a physic store doesn't mean that you can't communicate with them virtually, doing it will help you to have key information to have a direct and efficient interaction.

Nowadays there are excellent alternatives like Hostspot that will help you to integrate the fiscal and digital world to potencialize your business. Remember: Renovate or die!