Marketing and humanoids

Marketing and humanoids

Sophia is the first humanoid robot that has received citizenship. Sophia, like many of the systems we use every day, works with artificial intelligence, she understands and adapts to human behavior. The humanoid is able to gesticulate and have a conversation with ease. She was introduced in 2016, since then her system grows and learns.

Sophia is the beginning of the new humanity, while thousands of humans will live in extreme poverty, robots will begin to also be part of our daily collective but what is the role they will play in our society?

I see two clear scenarios:

The robots with privileges: the humanoid robots that will be, gradually, free and will begin to integrate into society in a "normal" way. This group, like Sophia, will receive citizenship from countries and will probably have more rights than many human beings of flesh and blood. We can not expect them to act ethically, but everything will depend on how two things evolve: artificial intelligence as a technology, which goes much further than we like to accept and the possibility of it to recreate real emotions. It seems to me that the apocalyptic vision of Elon Musk is not so farfetched, the more robots look like human beings, the more likely they are to destroy us.

Slave robots: this group will serve us in everyday life, it happens. They will be extensions of our activities and will serve us at our whim. As long as the robots are not aware of their emotions and sensations, it seems to me that we are safe, but what would happen if these beings were aware of their reality and that which surrounds them? Then we would be talking about a history of slavery, an era of humanity that will leave us, again, as tyrants and oppressors. Black Mirror centers many of its chapters on humans replicating brain synapses to stay alive after physically dying and to create beings that function as servants, in my words, slaves.

The two aspects I speak of sound catastrophic and terrible in their extreme version, but they are also uncertain. The only thing we know for sure is that it will happen, very soon, to live directly with humanoids will be perfectly normal, then ...

What should marketing expect and prevent?

Here are 4 ideas that we should think about now:

  1. Have a humanoid in your business: Yes, a humanoid who attends your restaurant, your store or retail could save a lot of time and effort in metrics. Currently, even in the most modern systems, it is necessary to evaluate customer service in isolation to your sales or inventory, a humanoid could charge while attending and accounting for inventory while selling. At the end of the day or even in real time, you could know how your sales are going, what and where it sells better and what socializing attitudes your customers prefer. This would imply abysmal space reduction, sales and resource optimization and effectiveness of marketing strategies.
  2. Frequent customers: It is no secret what artificial vision can do. The vision technology is so perfect that there are already tools that identify your gestures and associate them with some emotion, in fact, probably at this moment, some camera is evaluating your experience on a website through your webcam. And it is also likely that when you go to the super market there are some cameras understanding your experience in the place. Now think that this intelligence is installed in a perfect way in a humanoid that cares in your business, the robot will be able to remember thousands of faces and associate them with their experiences, likes and dislikes.
  3. Your robot clients : With the rights that some robots will have in the future, it is probably much easier to analyze the humanoids' way of consumption, easier in relation to a human like you or me. We will also have to think about technology that evaluates their experience and their behaviors. that it can, if it is legal and possible, extract its data and its processing.
  4. Your robot customers do not use gadgets: Humanoids are not going to need to use a cell phone, card or cash to pay at your store. They will pay their bills just by being near the machine, probably your humanoid clients do not even need to talk.

If you think I'm crazy or forgot about a possibility, write to me:

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