Marketing of Love: the day of February that companies prefer

Marketing of Love: the day of February that companies prefer

How many times have you asked yourself the same thing each year:

"What will I give this time?" A bear, a bouquet of flowers, a picture frame with a picture of you together, or a bracelet, ring ...?

Yes, all those products, outside the context of Valentine's Day could be used for any celebration.

The bear: a children's party.

The bouquet: on your mom's birthday.

The photo frame with the photo: on a dating anniversary.

The bracelet: a random gift for your work colleague.

The ring: commitment, celebration of something else?

The funny thing: these objects are sold throughout the year.

And then why on Valentine's Day do they become so interesting? Easy: love marketing.  

San Marketing del Amor: the network in which we all fall.

The art of attracting a market through their emotions is a difficult subject, but effective enough to empty a store, since it is from how we reach our little heart that we choose things for a socially important day.

You will ask yourself: and how do I do it? Here are five tips to increase your sales or attract your customers:

1.- Be creative: use the materials P.O.P (Point Of Purchase) to make a reference of your brand in any object, so that it is recognized by your market; or dedicate a card or gift to your frequent customers.

2.- Connect with the emotions of your market: add an element to the product you sell, pamper your customers as if it were your next conquest.

3.- Use all the means: digital, printed, everything! Now, more than ever, it is your moment to shine in your maximum expression.

4.- Offer promotions: who would not like to take a product for love at 2 x 1 (for example) on such a special day?

5.- Make it simple: many times customers want your product, they want to buy it in earnest, but it is difficult for them to stop doing what they are doing. With deliveries at home, sure your customers will love you.

And, above all, always go with a professional. Sometimes things will not go as we want, but with the help of professionals it will always be possible to achieve what you want.

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