Millennials and their new way of shopping.

Millennials and their new way of shopping.

Millennials are a young and polemic generation of people that were born between 1980 and 2000, which cause intrigue to older generations, specially to business and organizations that are forced to analyze and understand millennials motivations and interests. At the end of the story this generation will rule the world very soon.

They are citizens of the world: cultural globalization given by internet allows this generation to have an approximation to the lifestyle and manners in other countries, we also have to consider that one of the main interests of this generation is travel, for them it's even more important than get married or have kids. Without any doubt they are a generation that has no problem at all on comparing the quality or service of a business -trasnational or local- with some other in any part of the world.

People without borders: Millennials  are a generation that breaks the rules, the quick technological advances has give them the chance to change the way they know and interact with the world. We are talking about a generation with an environment harmonically composed between the virtual and physical worlds, with no divisions or distinctions between them. For them virtual communication is not less important than personal communication, they actually prefer it.

They are young but demanding: they are a generation that bets for experiences, for them what counts is doing what they like and enjoy, they do not care much about having a high income or expensive possessions. What matter more that the product is the experience, the sensations, the emotions. Material things take second place.

It´s indisputable that for approaching to this generation that day by day gets more purchasing power, is necessary to adapt and implement innovative strategies, and use technology to get it is crucial, the options and alternatives to do it are varied and effective. What are you waiting for to know them?