Millennials are adults now, we tell you how to sell them.

Millennials are adults now, we tell you how to sell them.

Millennials are a very controversial generation, socially and commercially speaking. Many things have been said about this generation: that they are spoiled and overprotected children, that they are an irresponsible, that they only live in fantasies and dreams. They want the internet to solve everything, they are impatient, they do not know how to strive,  and they do not want to work in a regular job or start a family; they just want to travel and have puppies, etc., etc.

At the end of the day, we are talking about a generation with objectives and interests that are very different from past generations. Those who effectively postponed or eliminated goals that used to be common, such as having children or buying a house and replace them with others as travel or being entrepreneurs.

The reality is that millenials aren't children anymore, the youngest millenial is 23 years old and the oldest one goes around 37. That's right, some of them even have children now (although they swore they would never do it). They have become a very important labor and economic force that is about to be the predominant one (followed by generation X or digital), and that is a fact that we can not pass up. So, here they are some main points that you should check if you want to catch this generation as a loyal consumer.

  1.  Digital: they dominate technology like an extension of their own body, practically all their daily relations are intermediated by a screen (smartphone, tablet, computer). Reality and virtuality are equivalent, one is an extension of the other. Prime time or classic advertising are no longer the best strategies to reach the current generation.
  2. Multitasking: they have the capacity and the need to do several things at the same time, this generation dedicates about 7 hours a day online (using different gadgets) therefore it's necessary to have an omnichanel strategy, ie including several channels of Coordinated and integrated in the same strategy.
  3. Critical and demanding: given that they have easy and quick access to information, they investigate before they buy and they have high quality standards and CUSTOMIZED service. They are customers who easily migrate from one brand to another, but also reward well done job with fidelity and recommendations, in their personal circles and to the world in social networks. Actaually, 86% of current consumers declare that they would no longer buy from a business because of a bad experience.

Yes, millenials are a demanding, complex and challenging generation, however, using technology appropriately is possible to adapt your business to the changes of the new generations. Visit Hostspot and know new possibilities!