My disastrous Valentine’s Day experience

My disastrous Valentine’s Day experience

My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost a year, and I can't deny that I was particularly excited about celebrating our first Valentine together. Overall I could say that he is a detail person, so my expectations were high.

He picked me up and we went to our favorite restaurant, that has a policy that says that if you are a frequent customer you do n't have to make a reservation or be on the waiting list to get a table quickly (yes, even on special occasions like San Valentine's Day) all you have to do is present your card of frequent customer.

When we arrived at the restaurant we noticed there were a lot of people on the waiting list, just as we expected, but when we tried to get a table my boyfriend noticed that he did not bring the frequent customer card. We tried to explain to the hostess that we were regular customers of the establishment, we actually got some of the servers to greet us, but it wasn't enough. Without the card we had no choice but to wait to get a table, we both starved and even considered going to eat some tacos, when we finally achieved to enter, after an hour at the waiting room.

We were starving and rushed to order, the service was slow and disinterested, although the food arrived cold and my dish was salty. We tried to extern our concerns with the manager, but there were so many people at the place so he did not pay much attention either. It honestly broke my heart that my favorite restaurant left me such a bad experience in such a special day. To be honest I'm not sure if I'd like to go back.

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