Technology can make us independent

Technology can make us independent

Several countries around the world celebrate independence day during September, such as Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Armenia, New Guinea, Malta, Bulgaria, Mali, Vietnam, Botswana and Qatar.

Now, let's remember the meaning  of independence as the capacity of choose and act freely and without relying on a foreign command or authority.

Therefore, we can asume that the mentioned countries fought to achieve their autonomy, create their own rules and write a new history. In the same way, a business can stand out from their competition using technology to revolutionize the concept of the business. We know several examples of business that thanks to technology had achieved successful on-line sales, diversifying their sales methods, but what about all those business that require the purchase is carried out in an establishment?

Here, some key factors that will help you to create an effective strategy that can make you become independent of the traditional structure, making a great shopping experience of every customers visit.

  1. Know the battle field: knowing well your space is important, and using it wisely can be more valuable  that what you can imagine, and with this we are not only refereeing  to a nice decoration, or to take advantage of every single inch of space, we are talking about knowing which are the areas of the store that people prefer and which ones people don't like so much, so you can think on the distribution of your store in a strategic way.
  2. Diversify your communication methods: a smart way of making sure that you are getting close to your customers is sending a message directly to their smartphone. That way you can also make effective marketing campaigns, also measure their impact and have feedback from your customer at your store.
  3. Know your visitors: there's no better way to sell that knowing your visitors, who they are, what they like or dislike, how often did they visit the store, or even which phone do they use. Having consistent information allow you to make a reliable client profile, which is key information to determine store operation in a smart and effective way.