The best trick or treat for your store.

The best trick or treat for your store.

Halloween is right behind the corner and we all have heard about "trick or treat" this game in which kids go knocking doors by the neighborhood asking for candies, while they threaten with doing a joke if they do not get their candies.

Believe it or not this kind of interchange can be very useful, if you know how to adapt it in your store. No it is not what you are thinking, we are not talking about giving candies to your customers, the key is giving them free Wi-Fi connection. What are you getting with that? We will give you some examples.

Get close to your clients: when your clients connect to Wi-Fi they can get a some questions by an opt-in, that way you can have strategic information of your customers, like name, age, sex, contact information, type of gadget they use, language etc. You can use this information to have a profile of the customers that are visiting your store.

Stay with them: you can impact in a good way your customers behavior in the store, a good option to do it is send them messages of special events, sales or new products at the store.

Create loyalty: turn a customer into a loyal customer can be a matter of customer service and personalized attention. You can use the information obtained by the opt-in questionnaire, to segment your advertising, so you can build a smart strategy knowing that the message that your customers are getting goes with their interests.

Achieve all of this is much simpler than what you think, nowadays there are different options like Hostspot dedicated to collect information of your customers, organize it and graph it, so you can easily decide what kind of message is gone a be send to your customers in their first visit, or the second, or the third... to improve the shopping experience.