The difference between any store and my favorite store.

The difference between any store and my favorite store.

Near my house are 4 grocery stores. However I always buy in the same one. One day I was about to watch a movie at home, so I went to buy some popcorn, but my favorite store was closed, yes, closed at 4 in the afternoon! I looked around to see if the other stores were open and they where, at the time all the odds of buying in other stores passed through my head, my craving for popcorn had vanished. I came back to my house thinking about the reason of my resistance to the other stores. After all, is just popcorn. It's not a big deal. Is it? Here my reasons:

Service: Undoubtedly it is the most valuable reason of all. Yes, the main reason why I like to buy in the same store is Manuel (the clerk) he is very kind and always greets and talks to me. Those details may seem insignificant, but they count a lot. Let's remember how many stores we have left even though we intended to buy, only because the clerk wasn't friendly.

Speed: internet has got us used to get everything much faster, products, information, answers, attention, etc. We are not patient for anything, less if we are talking of buying something we want. There are thousands of options and competitors does not wait.

Price: Get a lower price is important, but not crucial. It seems to me that most of us have been willing to pay more in order to get a better product or service. (Other way, luxury products or VIP services would not exist) Taking care of the details can offer something of better quality and therefore at a higher price that the customer will gladly pay.

Location: location is also important but not decisive, You would be willing to go further to get exactly what you want? Of course you do, (unless you're in a hurry). If your business does not have the best location, you can compensate with phone  or online shopping, offering the possibility for the customers to pick up the order when they can, home delivery or open your store with a wider schedule.