The minivacations of March have already started, take advantage of them for your retail!

The minivacations of March have already started, take advantage of them for your retail!

The minivacations have already begun or the so-called Holy Week, where thousands take the opportunity to visit the places where everything is sand, sun, and sea, or, to take advantage of and rest from day to day, full of food and movies at home, or outings to those places that do not go for the working day and the fatigue of the city.

For its part, many of the companies take advantage of these breaks to put into practice the retail, where they explore the ability they have to sell various products focused on the same goal, in order to provide customers what we all want when buying : Find everything we need in one place.

The best-known example of retail are supermarkets, department stores, traditional stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, bookstores, among many others, but we must not just stay with the idea that we need a physical space to achieve it. .

Currently, for example, successful companies such as Amazon, who in February of this year reported a 38.2% increase in their fourth quarter revenues, driven by the boom in Internet shopping during the end of the holiday season. year. In addition, it distributed more than 5 billion articles worldwide in 2017.

Now, well, some recommendations:

-Show your customers your news and other options in addition to what they are seeing at the moment.
-Never ignore a client. Fill it with offers and promotions, but never, never never, ignore it.
-Set goals greater than you expect, only then you can take advantage of every opportunity to sell to the customer.
-Treat your client well: Do not make him wait, do not sell him slow, do not make it difficult. And if you can not give it what you are looking for, offer it a solution. --Above all: always greet him. It does not matter if it is to ask for help, or because it enters your establishment or website.
-Think always is a second sale: Let your client choose what they were looking for and after they decide, present a product that can complement what you are buying.

And remember: successful retailers are looking for ways to go beyond the expectations of consumers to generate loyalty and be a reference to others.

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