The New Year’s resolutions of a compulsive buyer.

The New Year’s resolutions of a compulsive buyer.

Hello. I am Andy, and I am a compulsive buyer, My brother and I inherit this vice from my father, we have been this way since I have memory. Probably you are thinking that my New Year's resolutions are mainly stop buying or buying less ... Ha! Nothing further from reality. Shopping  has become an art for us, and over time we have been increasing and perfecting our purchase techniques, therefore my new year purposes honor the following commandments:

If I don't love it, I don't buy it. I know, it sounds simple, but it is much deeper than it seems. I've just discovered that after a couple of weeks I no longer like some of the things I bought, to the point that I don't want to use them anymore, so they end up abandoned somewhere in my closet even with tag. Thats why, for this year I'm determined to not buy something if I do not absolutely LOVE it. You know, the feeling that you can not leave the store without it, and even if you do, keeps in your mind the idea of coming back and buy it.

The price is important but also the service. I admit it, I like being pampered. From a facial cleaning to free samples, a sincere opinion or a kind attention, everything adds points. It's simple, why would I buy something online if I can go to the store, get a free facial, see all the items of the new collection or just try on some clothes in all colors and prints available.

If they want me, they have to convince me: there are plenty of options at our disposal, there are many brands, models, presentations, colors and flavors. I like to try everything, it is really difficult for a brand or product to make us fall in love to the point of being faithful forever, however, sometimes happens . Quality, personalized service during the purchase and after-sales service are crucial actions to create customers loyalty.

So remember, you have the money and the power of making decisions. Follow these points and do not expect less.