The secret of the best restaurant in the world.

The secret of the best restaurant in the world.

El Bulli was a  multi-awarded spanish restaurant that remained in service since 1961 to 2011, in that time it managed to position itself as the best restaurant in the world by achieving the difficult challenge of turning food into art.

As it was expected this is not the kind of restaurant in which you just arrive and eat whatever you like. If you want to eat there, your name has to be part of a waiting list with a select group of customers, because the restaurant attend just a few customers per day.

This restaurant has managed to transcend and bring to the next level the dining experience thanks to creatyvity and innovation. Now we are going to analyze the main points that make them to successful:

New ideas:  From the entrance of Ferran Adríà as head chef in 1984, the restaurant started to be known for having workshops whit chefs dedicated to the investigation and experimetation of gastronomic work, achieving to make new proposals such as molecular cuisine.

They have everithing calculated: they serve 35 dishes per customer everyday, thats why is necesary to have a register of   all the elements and ingredients of every single plate, in order to get absolute harmony, and also, a precise control of logistics allowing everything works correctly.

Each client eats a personalized menu: by being the customers in a waiting list for several months, the restaurant has enough time to ask them about posible allergies or intolerances to certain foods, which is considered at the menu designing of that day. Also they check if the customers that are visiting the restaurant had attended before to make sure of not serve a similar dish of something they already eat.

They create new experiences: in this restaurant the delight of all senses is crucial, thats why its not enough with the flavor, is also important to take care of texture, temperature, smell, and visual impact of every single dish, all this put together to create a trip of sensations in the customers.

El Bulli is an example of a restaurant that achived to take the customer experience to unimagined levels, for which they hace a team of perfectly trained people to do their job and take care of every single detail, however, give this kind of service is not exclusive for a few, nowadays technology offers some alternatives that will take the customer service of your business to the next level.

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