The weird world of online shopping.

The weird world of online shopping.

The other day I tried shopping online, honestly I have never felt enthusiastic about  it, but I decided to be a normal millennial and give it a shot.

It was really easy at the beginning, everything was organized by sections and finding the products that I already knew  I wanted was pretty fast, so it saved me lot of the time that I would have spent looking for those products in the real store.

After that, the situation turned kind of interesting as I tried to buy a dress because I only had a couple of extremely rerouted pictures, in which of course I could not trust. So I finally choose a dress, but the real issue became guessing the right size for me. I mean,  I happen to be a different size of clothing in every store I visit, and the only reference I had of what the dress would actually look like on a body were the highly produced European models of the pictures.

Later I tried to get some makeup, probably all men who are reading this have no clue about it, but with this kind of things it is crucial to get the specific and exact colors. Unfortunately the image displayed and the cheesy description in the web page of every makeup product were not exactly helping. At that time I craved more tan ever a store clerk that asked me “May I help you?” so then, she could show me all the tasters, and I could really know the product before buying it.

Why would anyone like to go through such a riddle if they can just go directly to the store and make sure that what you are buying actually smells or taste as it says in the label? Come on, you need to be sure that what you are getting is the right color, texture or fabric.

I just don’t get how people can buy that way, undoubtedly there’s nothing like  going into a store and see if the product you are looking for is there, try it, read the labels and ask the clerk if that product is really made for what you need, or even, how it is used.

I must confess that I don’t like when the brands launch for sale products exclusively for online shopping, or special prices just for online sales. I get that they are saving a buch of money that way, but even then, I'm still a fan of brands that invest in a good merchandising, that care about having nice and well trained staff, that actually help you make a good purchase decision, or even a good lighting at the dressing rooms, because all of that is worth it, every single detail counts when interacting with the customers so retailers get a better knowledge of their clients and their reactions. At the end of the road it’s all about selling an experience, not just an object .