The World Cup in numbers

The World Cup in numbers

"The World Cup has already had a significant impact on the socio-economic development of the country. If there was no World Cup, there would have been no economic growth, "acknowledged Arkady Dvorkovich.

Soccer is seen by 3.5 billion people a year, it has more fans than any other sport in the world. The soccer world cup is probably the most mediatic sport event at a global level and starts this June 14.

World Cup in numbers: 5 things you should know.

  1. The Russian World Cup will be the most expensive in history: The Russian economic daily RBC published that the budget was adjusted at least 35 times and the fund changed at least twelve times. In total, 883 billion rubles will be invested representing an approximate of 14 billion dollars. The World Cup in Brazil, in contrast, cost approximately 11 billion dollars.
  2. Half of the stadiums were built for the World Cup: The World Cup will be held in twelve stadiums, six of them were designed for this event.
  3. One and a half million tourists are expected: Tourists represent between 1,500 and 2,000 million dollars.
  4. The total capacity of the stadiums: It is expected that the stadiums are full in their totality. The largest audience houses up to 81 thousand seats, together, the capacity of the twelve stadiums is 576 thousand seats.
  5. Growth 1% of GDP: The report presented by the Russian organizing committee 2018 expects the event to help the growth of the Gross Domestic Producer by 1%.

Teams, players and their money.

  • 400 million dollars in prizes: The winner of this contest will receive 38 million dollars and the finalists, 28 million. The winners' trophy weighs around 6 kilograms and is made of solid 18 carat gold.
  • Security: They will have one million police officers, equivalent to one for 146 inhabitants and 330 thousand members of the National Guard. There will be 15 thousand volunteers who collaborate with the organization of the World Cup and are spread over 11 cities.
  • The protagonists of the World Cup: there will be 36 referees, 63 attendees from 46 different countries. Each match will have one referee and three assistants. This will be the first world cup that will have videos installed to monitor sanctions."I trust that it will work. The statistics are very clear: a big mistake every three matches without VAR, and one every 19 matches with the VAR ", said Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA

The World Cup is a big business every 4 years, everything must be measured and everything must be predictable. The technology that allows the measurement of impacts will become indispensable so that the event not only turns out well, but also turns out to be profitable.

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