What to expect from the new facebook algorithm?

What to expect from the new facebook algorithm?

"The balance of what’s in News Feed has shifted away from the most important thing Facebook can do – help us connect with each other”

Mark Zuckerberg


The big change in Facebook's algorithm is not the cause for looking into new strategies, it is actually the consequence of what has been happening in marketing trends for a couple of years.

By 2014, the trend was content strategy, brands sought to generate content for their consumers and, the more, it seemed the better. For a couple of years, the eyes of the consumer have been so saturated with information that brands failed to generate sufficient engagement. All this has led to the indisputable need to invest in advertising, even so, facebook users have become less and less vulnerable to such ads. The big concern was not just how saturated our consumers were, but also how ineffective Facebook was to convert and generate conversation. Next, an analysis carried out by BuzzSumo in relation to the fall of scopes and interactions that the brands have had in the last two years:


All this brought foreseeable results, Facebook pronouncing in favor of connecting people and brands that want to reach that audience will have to: generate better content and pay more.

How to grow and generate impacts with new facebook algorithm?

The first thing we intuit is the importance of personalized marketing, not talking to the masses, talking to the particularities of these. Identify your user well, know his name, make offline strategies that lead consumers to be interested in your online content and vice versa.

Keep a product of quality and impact that not only generates the user's purchase or consumption, but an experience that allows you to remember and promote yourself.

Promote the post that moves the interaction and reward consumers. Move between networks of contacts and not in advertisements and generalized recomendations.

Use technology in your favor, Wi-Fi portals, artificial intelligence experiences and personalization and recommendation systems for your clients.

What else has changed in your business with the new technology of facebook? Tell us, if you are in the CDMX, we can offer you free advice, send us an email.

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