What you have to know about your business to improve your sales.

What you have to know about your business to improve your sales.

Information has always been the engine that powers our decisions. Nowadays, being owner of a business or working in branches such as marketing, sales or operations, it is crucial to acquire knowledge about your clients.

The obvious data and the first on our list are:

  • What am I selling?
  • Who do I want to sell my product to?
  • Where am I selling my product?

Non-the less, the answer to these three questions barely fills out the information you need to have in order to achieve your sales goals and maintain them. Making yourself visible within the industry means having a much more personal perspective of what is happening in the locations in which you sell your product.

Here we list a number of analytics you can take into account to help you increase your sales:

1. Where is your client?

Once you are clear on what kind of spaces are more frequently visited by your target market and how much time they are spending there you can define strategies that make your sales go up and also take note on areas of opportunity in less frequented areas.

2. What is your percentage of loyalty?

Identify how often do your clients come back and create strategies to keep them coming back to you.

3. Discover your areas of opportunity

Once you have worked on the loyalty of your clients, it’s time to concentrate in the potential clients that are just passing by outside your establishment.

4. Communicate with your clients

Offer your clients the possibility to tell you who you are, what do they like and dislike and what do they expect from you. Nowadays offering WIFI to your clients is an efficient way to establish a conversation while they are on your establishment. With these four analytics, which are very useful and not often used by business-owners, you can make your business flourish and have an advantage over your competitors.