Wi-Fi saved my mothers day

Wi-Fi saved my mothers day

Yes, I admit it, my mother is quite picky when it comes to the service she gets in stores and establishments, and if we add that I forgot to congratulate her on her birthday, we can conclude that it would not be easy to achieve her expectations on mother's day . After an appropriate home-made meal, I went shopping with her, I mean, to look for the right color and size has never been strong skill, and definitely I had to redeem my image.

We entered the first store and nothing pleased my mother, she complained about the distribution of the products they seemed inappropriate to her, the staff was not friendly and she even said that store smelled weird.

In the second store she complained that the lady "was chasing us" all over the store, repeating over and over again if she could help us, I tried to explain her that the lady was just trying to be kind (or sell us something) to which she replied that she should find a less invasive and more effective way of giving good customer service.

Finally, we sat down on a bench at the shopping mall to get some rest, then I checked if there was any Wi-Fi network, so I could immortalize the epic day on Facebook with a photograph. A ladies clothing store Wi-Fi network was open, I connected, it asked me some information to allow me the connection and within minutes after posting my perfect selfie with my mother on social media, I saw that I had gotten a notification from the clothes store saying: "Buy a mom's a garment and take the second half price."

I proposed to my mother to enter and surprisingly almost did not complain, the clothes were to his liking, the staff was friendly, well, he even said that the store smelled good, the only detail was that I could not pay with the card I wanted and I had to choose another payment option, from which I could complain when I left the store, because they sent me a message to ask my opinion about the service. Yes, I was asked for my opinion by a message, I know is hard to believe.

Undoubtedly this store that relies on a platform called Hostspot to improve its service and interaction with customers has become my mother's favorite, and she is a demanding customer!