Word of mouth campaigns, how to start?

Word of mouth campaigns, how to start?

It is not the same approach to a new possible buyer that approach when you already know. The recommendation has more strength and generates more conversion if it comes from someone known, but how to make this happen with our customers in your retail? Here are some simple ideas to start implementing your remarketing and word of mouth strategy:

1- The experience: The most important thing is to take care of all your client's experience inside your business. If your product is not well polished, there will be no way for the other 4 steps to work. Think of a restaurant, if the food is good, you are sure to come back, but if the food is regular and the service is excellent, it is very likely that you will still come back. That is, not all aspects of your retail are going to be perfect but you can improve the experience of your customers in the service and the way they buy. Use resources that help you to know and recognize them in all your visits.

2- Branding: Your client's experience is complete, and now what? Now they have to remember you, make sure your branding is subtle but effective. Keep the colours present in your store, make it possible to read your logo when they buy and when they enter. What is the first thing they read when they enter your site or when they access Wi-Fi in your business?

3- Share: Make it possible to share quickly and easily. When your customers see your Wi-Fi portal, offer them a promotion they can share. Put a button that will immediately share your location. Make coupons or promotions for your referrals, invite your clients to live their experiences in groups.

4- Reward: You already have a solid community, do not stop asking and offer exclusive things for them.

5- improvement: Everything is never good, everything can always improve and innovate. Being different from your competitors, being really unique, is only possible if you are 10 times better than them.

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