You won’t have to make a row to pay in a store anymore.

You won’t have to make a row to pay in a store anymore.

Christmas shopping season is here, and one of the principal characteristics of this season is for sure the amount of people at the streets and in shopping malls. The rows you have to make for paying while Christmas shopping are huge and consume a very important amount of our time.

No more endless rows! To avoid loosing time while we are shopping a good option can be on-line shopping, however, not all shopping can be done that way. A considerable part of customers prefer to buy in regular stores.

That's why despite Amazon is a company known worldwide for being a great portal to buy online, has decided to open a regular store that offers provisions and food in which is not necessary to make a row for paying the thing you bought. The store located in Seattle is called Amazon Go and will open its doors in 2007.

To buy in that store you have to download the Amazon Go app, and make an count with your payment information. the system detects when you take something from the shelves, and ad it to your virtual shopping cart. The system also detects when you put back something to the shelves and automatically removes it from your virtual shopping cart. When your shopping is done, you just have to get out of the store and thats all. The charge will automatically be made to your Amazon account and also they will send you a digital receipt.

Amazon has just taken a very important step that will undoubtedly set the tone for many other businesses of different kinds. They achieve to harmoniously integrate the physical and virtual world to make a more efficient, comfortable  and practical shopping experience. Without a doubt technology is a crucial factor for any business to remain competitive, and there are very interesting tools like Hostspot that will help you take your business to the next level.

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