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Intelligent spaces that generate new experiences

What successful companies have in common is that they not only focus on their product but also on their customer’s experience. Hostspot plays a fundamental role in understanding and creating new and and engaging experiences for your customers.

Make your customers regain interest in your products

Retailers struggle with the fact that most buyers walk through their stores without buying anything.

What is the best way to re-engage customers who have walked through the store without buy something? Hotspot’s digital tools for in-store remarketing are the answer, it all starts with collection your customer’s e-mail.

In store data collection is key for omnichannel strategies because they enable us to provide a personalized shopping experience and to create invaluable consumer profiles. When combined with the analytics of the Store we can increase sales.

Customers receive an exceptional experience tailored to their habits; Retailers learn the best ways to re-engage their customers to increase sales.


Mobile experiences

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It is expected that digital interactions influence 64 cents for every dollar sold in retail stores in 2016.

Generate mobile experiences that increase the size of the sales receipt and improve conversion.


Mobile experiences

Engage your customers in the right time and place with Hostspot’s mobile experiences.

Get your customers anywhere, through high impact interactions relevant and personalized offers through different channels, in-store Wi-Fi, sms, email, push notifications and more.

Find out how offers impact your customer’s behavior inside and out of your store.

Increase your customer base with highly targeted offers based on trends and customer behavior.

Personalize mobile interactions

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We connect the online and the physical world

We connect shoppers and your personnel by generating tools for customer assistance and retention.

We link the online and physical world to provide valuable shopping experiences inside and outside your store, maintaining communication with the customer after the sale or visit.

In Hostspot, our job is making things happen and transforming every important aspect of the shopping experience into a better experience.

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