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Real Time Heat Maps

Having a clear view of customer traffic helps you optimize store performance, improve customer service, marketing and promotion. Instantly notice changes in terms of customer flows, items sold, and understand what your customers are looking for, among others.



Observing how your customers move within your venue, can be a powerful tool for making decisions about the design of your store, and where to position certain products.


Staff Optimization

Integrate your personnel management with your client flow. Analyze traffic cycles during the day, week or year. Establish an adequate ratio for customer to staff during traffic hours.

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Monitor each zone

Define your zones

With heat map technology, you have the opportunity to instantly identify the busiest areas inside your venue, and which purchases are being considered by your customers.


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Increase your revenue by placing products with higher margins in areas where customers spend more time.

Location Zones


LATAM Puebla 247-5, Roma Norte
Mexico city 06700
+52 (55) 5351-6888
Silicon Valley 189 West Santa Clara Street
San Jose, California 95113
+1 (415) 403-2022
Southwest 311 North Market St.
Floor 2,
Dallas, TX 75202
+1 (415) 403-2022
Bolivia Baptista 446 Edificio Advenir Of 1A
Cochabamba, Bolivia
+591 442-55279 +591 674-04001
Singapore 33 UBI Avenue 3
Vertex, Singapore 408868
ASIA East Tower, Philippine,
StockExchange Building
Pasig City, Philippines